Floor Stripping & Resealing

Stripping & Resealing Marble and Natural Stone Floors

Stripping and resealing. This service is the process of removing all old sealers, wax’s, dirt grime and impregnators and then resealing with a durable sealer of the customer’s choice to fit the final finish. It can be required in a number of different situations from old and worn applications to new but incorrect or incorrectly applied treatments. It involves chemically removing all old treatments and equalising the floors ph balance to achieve a clean dry bare floor before proceeding to apply new sealer or wax’s.

The purpose of this treatment is to achieve a floor which is beautiful whilst protect from its every day usage and durable for the years to come. We have a high degree of expertise and experience and can advise of numerous hard wearing natural impregnators, wax’s and final sealers for the job in hand.

The typical field of use for these systems are on antique, tumbled and brush finished marbles travertine’s as well as terracotta slate and quarry tile. The need for this process is to protect the floor whilst enhances its natural colour leaving a beautiful and easily  maintained surface. We have a high degree of expertise and experience in all manner of application methods sealer types and brands and can advice on numerous hard wearing, natural synthetic, emulsion, solvent based impregnators and wax’s.

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