Marble Floors

Marble Floor Cleaning and Restoration Northern Ireland

Marble is a metamorphic rock which has become a favourite for architectural suppliers and interior designers alike for its ability to take a high polish and for its beauty and durability. Its appeal also rests upon the diversity of finishes available which appeal to so many varying tastes. An important issue to keep in mind when buying, installing and maintaining marble is to identify it specifically by type and to put in place a service schedule which best suits its character and usage.

See below for examples of our workin Dublin Berkley court and a brief outline of common problems encountered and the programme we implement to rectify them.

Marble Floors: Before & After Project 1

20200207_104045 David morton
20200303_140613 David morton
20200207_104045 David morton 20200303_140613 David morton
Full marble floor restoration, this process will bring out the full beauty off your marble floor. leaving a floor that not only looks stunning but also is more practical to maintain and leaving a long lasting finish to your floor. The above marble floor received a full restoration which is a 12 stage process. that includes total grout removel and replaced ,crack repair work ,then the floor is grinded flat followed by an nine stage honing and polishing process, which is then given a final powder polish and sealed with inpregnator sealers. please note this finish is a total mechanical Finnish

Marble Floors: Before & After Project 2

IMG_20210707_095734 David morton
IMG_20210709_191711 David morton
IMG_20210707_095734 David morton IMG_20210709_191711 David morton
Full marble floor restoration, As above the same process is used to bring out the natural beauty of the marble floor. One of the main reasons was to change the grout colour to help blend in with the marble floor. this takes away from the grid effect of the floor and leaves a more monolithic look to the floor again adding to the appearance off your floor. this will also be a lot easier to maintain for the future. A Satin finish was opted for this floor to help with maintenance.

Marble Floors: Before & After Project 3

20180903_091320 David morton
20180905_144751 David morton
20180903_091320 David morton 20180905_144751 David morton
Marble floor renovation. This process will also bring out the natural beauty of your stone floor. leaving a long lasting easier to maintain floor. the difference with this process is we clean the groiut joints instead of replacement. the grinding process isnt just as in-depth. thou we do try to do as a minamin remove most of the tile lippage from the floor which will enhance the final finish on the floor. after this stage we then use a 6 stage honing and polishing process to give you the final look.
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