Stone Floor Repair

Stone floor Cleaning and Restoration Northern Ireland

In our stone restoration projects, repair work is often a significant aspect. This can encompass various tasks such as replacing grout, repairing cracks, filling holes, replacing tiles, and removing tile lippage. The extent of repair work required varies from project to project, influencing the time needed for completion. Each project presents unique challenges, and our approach is tailored to the specific restoration needs of the stone surfaces involved.



Stone Floor Repair: Before & After Project 1

20170301_213758 David morton
20170314_070206 David morton
20170301_213758 David morton 20170314_070206 David morton
For this commercial terrazzo tile floor, we began by completely removing the grout and addressing any damage around the tiles through repairs. Once the floor was re-grouted, it underwent a grinding process to achieve a flat surface, ensuring the grout joints were flush with the tile surface. Following this initial grinding, we progressed through honing and polishing stages to restore the floor to its original, like-new condition. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and polished finish that enhances the overall appearance of the terrazzo tile floor.

Stone Floor Repair: Before & After Project 2

20180905_122622 David morton
20180905_145419 David morton
20180905_122622 David morton 20180905_145419 David morton
Over years of use and neglect, this marble floor has suffered significant damage. Our restoration process begins with a thorough cleaning of the area. Next, we meticulously mix and color-match the repair material to seamlessly blend with the floor’s original appearance. Once applied, the repair material is left to dry and harden. Subsequently, we proceed with grinding and honing the surface to achieve a smooth and polished finish. Finally, an impregnator sealer is carefully applied, ensuring protection for the restored floor and enabling it to withstand many more years of use.

Stone Floor Repair: Before & After Project 3

20151217_121605 David morton
20151218_172447 David morton (1)
20151217_121605 David morton 20151218_172447 David morton (1)
The travertine floor has undergone significant damage over years of use, as evident in the first photo where the tiles have deteriorated. To restore it, repairs are necessary, including fixing holes and matching them with the original color of the tiles. Additionally, the grout needs to be removed and replaced to ensure a seamless finish. This comprehensive restoration process will revitalize the travertine floor, returning it to its former beauty and durability.
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