Travertine Floors

Travertine floor Cleaning and Restoration Northern Ireland

Travertine is a sedimentary rock which is formed by transformation of limestone. It appears with holes which can vary in size from tiny pin pricks to larger irregular voids. During the tile making process the holes can be filled or left unfilled depending on the desired effect. Similar to marble and other calcite floors, travertine can be susceptible to etching and we would recommend a regular cycle of maintenance and where necessary restoration.

See below for examples of a restored travertine floor.

Travertine Floors: Before & After Project 1

IMG_20201209_090538 David morton
IMG_20201210_084717 David morton
IMG_20201209_090538 David morton IMG_20201210_084717 David morton
Travertine floor restoration. To bring out the beauty of this travertine floor the restoration process employed was first thoroughly clean the floor, after this the floor is then further inspected for faults such as holes and cracks in the floor, our second step is to then fill holes and preform repair-work on the cracks . After this stage is completed we will then proceed to grind off the floor surface this will expose a new layer to the floor and also smooth out and blend in all the stone repair material which in-turn will become part of the floor not a patch. After this process is completed we will proceed with the honing, polishing stages until the final desired result is achieved. finally finished with an inpregnating sealer. This will give a long lasting natural polished finish to your floor.

Travertine Floors: Before & After Project 2

20181107_095316 David morton
20181109_174852 David morton
20181107_095316 David morton 20181109_174852 David morton
Travertine floor restoration. As above the same process was employed to restore this stunning Hallway. and produce a floor that will last for many years to come. Travertine is a very visually stunning stone when finished correctly.

Travertine Floors: Before & After Project 3

20190711_173938 David morton
20190711_173517 David morton
20190711_173938 David morton 20190711_173517 David morton
Tumble Travertine floor restoration. As with above travertine floor the process is much the same only stress more emphise on filling the holes with tumbled travertine we will fill roughly 75 to 80 percent of holes still leaving the tumbled look to the floor. after this we then proceed to grind off the floor surface and smooth out any filler leaving a new surface to start the honing finishing process. All thou these floors have been finished to a polished finish we can also leave a more honed look.
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