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Terrazzo is a man made stone floor which is made using natural stone chip pieces which are then set into cement or epoxy medium.  Terrazzo is the floor of choice of many supermarkets, hospitals, train stations and many other areas which experience high footfall of traffic. Even though it is durable terrazzo can still suffer chipping and holes. By using diamond grinding and polishing techniques it can be fully restored to its natural beauty. We can leave either a honed mat finish, Semi polished our fully polished. The choice is yours.

See below an example of a Terrazzo floor restored by Floor Cleaning Company.

Terrazzo Floors Domestic: Before & After Project 1

IMG-20210408-WA0020 David morton
IMG_20210408_205014 David morton
IMG-20210408-WA0020 David morton IMG_20210408_205014 David morton
Terrazzo floor restoration polished finish. with this terrazzo floor after been down for many tens of years had been covered with carpet and was left with carpet glue on the floor. the new owners opted to keep the floor and have it restored to a better then new state. Firstly we removed the glue fully from the floor including any deep seated glue. after this we then proceeded to fix any cracks and holes in the floor. once all the repair work was complete we then grinded off the old surface and in turn exposed a new surface ready for our honing and polishing process. afer we had finished the polishing process the floor is fully sealed and wil give many more years of use and also will complement the period house.

Terrazzo Floors Domestic: Before & After Project 2

IMG_20210610_091851 David morton
IMG_20210610_162618 David morton
IMG_20210610_091851 David morton IMG_20210610_162618 David morton
Small Terrazzo floor, bathroom restoration polished finish. after initial inspection was completed it was decided that a terrazzo restoration process would be employed. Firstly we grinded off the old plaster and cement mortar that was on the floor. after this was done we carried out any hole repair work that needed done. after repair work was completed we then carried on with the honing and polishing stages until desired result was achieved. finally finishing with a quality sealer that will protect the floor for many years to come. Again this floor suite the period house and adds a lot of charm to a small bathroom

Terrazzo Floors Domestic: Before & After Project 3

IMG_20210406_114024 David morton
IMG_20210408_125600 David morton
IMG_20210406_114024 David morton IMG_20210408_125600 David morton
Terrazzo floor hole and crack repair work was needed on this area off terrazzo floor. This process can be a slow and tedious work which is preformed over mutipil days to allow for drying times.but when done correctly will give many years off use. the above photo was taken before we had finished our polishing process. but it is looking very good.
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