Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Ireland and Northern Ireland

With the increasing level of tile usage in our homes comes the problem of cleaning and keeping clean the tiles and grout. We are increasingly seeing problems with dirty grout joints which have been stained with grime, grease, oil, fat, wine, and in showers and bathroom areas mould and mildew on the walls.

Our system entails the use a van mounted cleaning machine which applies water at high temperature and pressure and then sucks the dirt off the floor with a high powered vacuum. This machine works in conjunction with proprietary degreasers and cleaners to archive a chemically clean and dirt and grease free floor which is dry on completion.

At this stage we apply an acrylic resin bond or colour grout sealer to the grout joints; having been involved in this industry for many years we believe we use the best, most attractive, most effective and longest lasting brand available. The colour seal penetrates the existing grout joints and recolours to any of the thirty six available colours. This completely seals the grout joints making them impervious to water or any of the aforementioned contaminants.

This system leaves the floor and grout joints completely clean with the look and feel of a new floor except that it is better than new in that maintenance issues have largely been resolved. Gone are the harsh cleaning detergents and in their place we recommend a gentle PH balanced neutral cleaner.

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