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Slate Flooring Cleaning and Restoration Northern Ireland

Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. Slate has been used in the construction industry for years with the roofing trade. Recently it has been used in many high grade floors. The richness of colour has been used by interior designers to create a modern effect. Slate is a versatile material which can be honed, smooth or polished to a shine. Slate is naturally uneven but can be made level by using a diamond abrasive.

See below an example of a restored slate floor.

Slate Floors: Before & After Project 1

20170922_094444 David morton
20170929_124350 David morton
20170922_094444 David morton 20170929_124350 David morton
Black slate flooring refinishing with colour enhancing sealer. This slate flooring was a new install and client wanted a more black solid finish. the slate surface suffered from random cement based marks. once an enaitial test was done and a system established to remove marks from the slate surface. we carried out the process through out the floor. then the floor was thoroughly rinsed to remove any chemical and also reset the ph level off the floor before sealing. A mat finish colour enhancer was used as the final finish. this will be easier to maintain and give long lasting finish to the slate.

Slate Floors: Before & After Project 2

IMG_20221005_093942 David morton
IMG_20221006_144357 David morton
IMG_20221005_093942 David morton IMG_20221006_144357 David morton
Slate strip and reseal. this is the typical slate floor after many years of neglect and random sealing using multiple different sealers. First task is to tape up surface protection on any surrounding surfaces. Once this is completed we then proseed to apply a stripping agent to the floor to break down any old sealer on the floor. this may take multipile attempts to fully remove the old sealer. once this is completed then the final sealer coats are applied and left to dry.

Slate Floors: Before & After Project 3

IMG_20240115_113857 David morton
IMG_20240117_124811 David morton
IMG_20240115_113857 David morton IMG_20240117_124811 David morton
Slate flooring strip and reseal. this slate floor had been down for 25 years and in need of some TLC attention. the old sealer was fully stripped of the floor plus the grout joints fully cleaned. after this process the floor was rinsed with water to clean off any remaining chemical and residues. 25 year old floor left back in as new state for another 25 years off use.
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